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Sightings of UFOs have been around for ages. The notion that we are not alone in the universe has sparked our imaginations and has inevitably led us to produce films on the subject.

As human beings we crave knowledge and would welcome meetings with other intelligent beings. We imagine that our first meetings with extra terrestrial beings would be prosperous, and helpful to mankind. But some film makers have other ideas of how our first contact with aliens would be. These film makers may foresee a more sinister first encounter; as portrayed in one of the most famous UFO films of all time "War of the Worlds".

In the move "War of the Worlds" people cringe in fear while men from Mars invade our planet to destroy its inhabitants; namely us. The Martians use technologically advanced crescent shaped spaceships which are equipped with snake like death rays. These death rays shoot laser beams of light which instantly vaporizes anything and everything they come in contact with. Yikes!

There have been many other films over the years that portray a similar apocalyptic demise from alien beings. The mini series "V" tells of a story in which lizard-like aliens pretend to be our friends, but really have evil plans in mind for mankind. Their plan was to steel our precious resources such as water, and to kidnap our people to be used as slaves and to be eaten as food. A horrible demise indeed.

More recent films which portray evil alien invaders include "Independence Day". This modern day block buster spared no expense with special effects and great actors. Thus, making the movie even more believable and frightening. Like "War of the Worlds" the aliens in this film had far superior technology and had plans to use it to destroy the human race. The aliens in this movie looked a lot like the Grays commonly described in alien abduction stories. Large heads, big black bug-like eyes, small child like bodies and the ability to communicate telepathically. These aliens were on a mission. Their mission was to move their entire civilization from planet to planet sucking each planet dry of all resources and life; and our planet was next!

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