Little Green Men?

UFO sightings have been reported as far back as 1897, but the first reported incidents of alien abductions weren't until the 1960s. Reports of alien abductions have come from people from all over the world. The odd thing is, that even though these people have never met they eerily describe similar stories. The most intriguing commonalities of these abduction stories are, that people who claim to have interaction with a UFO, seem to have an hour or two of missing time in which they have no recollection.

In the weeks or months that follow these people start to have flashbacks, nightmares, or anxiety. For some abductees memories begin to become more vivid over time, and they eventually recall what happened to them. However, its not uncommon for abductees to seek out help with unlocking these suppressed memories. Often times abductees will use hypnosis to recall the loss of time, and the results usually reveals shocking stories.

Many people that experience missing time during a UFO sighting, discover that they were in fact abducted by aliens. Abductees reports have many similarities which may include, how the abduction took place, what the aliens looked like, what the victims felt and saw, and even alien experimentation on them.
Gray Alien A

Although no confirmed photographs of aliens are known to exist. There are many sketches and descriptions of aliens available. Some people have vivid memories of the aliens in which abducted them. Aliens described by people are as followed:

Grays - aliens with child-like bodies, gray rubbery looking skin, large heads, and big bug-like eyes (see picture A). These beings are said to be very friendly and super intelligent. This description of this type alien is probably the most common amongst abductees. Could this be the same alien in which Riley Martin called "The Biaviian"?
Sutton Alien B

The Sutton Alien - short fearsome creatures, with lens like eyes and large bat-like ears. These aliens have big heads with attached antenna, and long monkey like arms. But the oddest feature of these aliens are their toeless cuplike feet (see picture B). This unfriendly creature was first reported in 1955, by a man who claimed to have shot at the alien with his shotgun.
Spacewoman Alien C

The English "Space-Woman" - in 1975 an English girl reported repeatedly being visited by a strange "space-woman". She describes this spacewoman as a small lady, with big bug-like eyes, rubbery looking skin, a large head with flowing hair, and dressed in strange clothing (see picture C). The girl claimed that the spacewoman was very friendly.
Mummy Alien D

Mummy Like Alien - in 1973 a reported case of aliens in Pascagoula, Mississippi tells of a tall wrinkled creature with strange features. Triangle shaped ear-like projections, triangle nose-like feature, a small slit for a mouth and wrinkled slits for eyes. This creature is one of the strangest beings described but not the oddest (see picture D).
Carrot Alien E

The Carrot Creature - a strange carrot like creature appeared to witnesses in West Virginia in 1968. The creature was said to be over 7 feet tall. It supposedly had a beet like head with funny looking hair sprouting from its pointed top. Its body was thin and expanded as it breathed. Its arms were long and stringy with three fingered hands which resembled roots. Its legs were long and skinny with very large feet (see picture E).

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