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Deceptions of Nature

What did I really see?

UFO witnesses from all walks of life have found to their displeasure that what they thought was a UFO, could be easily explained away as a phenomena of nature. Shooting stars, comets streaking across the sky, lens-shaped cloud formations, planets, and even our sun has been mistaken for a UFO.

Nature has a strange way of making these types of objects appear to be something they are not. (as seen in the picture to the left.)

Atmospheric Conditions

The Earths atmosphere is constantly changing and these changes can create strange looking light displays which may be interpreted as UFOs. Changes in the Earths atmosphere can also make stars and planets seem magnified. These magnified celestial objects can easily be misinterpreted as UFOs.

Ball Lightning

A rare phenomena of nature that is usually interpreted by people as a UFO is ball lighting. Ball lightning is a luminous, electrically charged, spherical object which may vary from gumball-sized , to several meters in diameter. Ball lightning has reportedly been seen pulsating through the air. The unusual phenomena normally last far longer that its cousin the lightning bolt; which only flashes for a split second before disappearing. There have even been stories of ball lightning rolling across the ground then over a person.

Solar Pillars

The phenomena known as sun pillars or light pillars are also responsible for many mistaken UFO sightings. A light pillar is basically nothing more than a reflection of light. These amazing looking light displays can be seen low to the horizon as the sun rises or sets. Light from the sun reflects with ice crystals creating a pillar of light. These types of light pillars can also come from the moon or even from more earthly sources such as streetlights.

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